The use of water-free products allows for greatly reduced lubrication times and brings numerous advantages to the production process:

– Reduced consumption of release agent
– Reduction in air consumption
– Reduction in water consumption and consequent almost total reduction in disposal costs
– Reduction in cycle time
– Reduction in thermal shock and consequent increase in mold life

The ECO.DOS. nozzle thus allows minimal application of the release agent at specific figure positions. The non-use of cooling water does not allow these nozzles to cool the mold surface, necessitating careful thermoregulation of the molds with appropriate control units and by means of well-distributed cooling ducts.


Relbo ECO.DOS. nozzles are specially developed for the use of oil-based release agents that require precise application in minimal quantities on the mold.

Usage characteristics

Required Air Pressure5 bar
Min Liquid Pressure3 bar
Max Liquid Pressure3,5 bar

Liquid Consumption

Maximum amount of liquid per pulse0-0.08 ml
Liquid quantity adjustment0.016 ml/turn
Charging time (depends on operating pressure)0,5 – 1,2 sec


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