Type 5 – External Mixing

Type 5 – External Mixing


Highly resistant to wear and easy to maintain. Suitable for temperature-controlled molds around 200°C, they allow for increased evaporation of the release agent due to smaller droplets, resulting in less waste on the ground and reduced consumption of the release product. The main advantages of type 5 nozzles with external mixing are as follows:

• Adaptability to any die
• Homogeneous spray and fine atomization
• Reduced liquid consumption due to fine atomization


They are able to provide a homogeneous and well-atomized spray, with a strong and precise jet. They adapt perfectly to the most challenging working conditions, ensuring fine atomization and significant savings of release agent with low operating pressures.

Usage characteristics

Min. Air pressure3,5 bar
Max Air Pressure6 bar
Min. Liquid pressure2,5 bar
Max. Liquid pressure5 bar

Characteristics of the fluid

Minimum Consumption0,6 ml/sec
Maximum Consumption8,3 ml/sec


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