Type RNI Internal Mixing

Type RNI Internal Mixing


They are able to provide a homogeneous and well atomized spray with a strong and precise jet. They are ideally suited to the harshest working conditions where it is important for the lubricator to help the mold decrease its operating temperature. Highly wear-resistant and easy to maintain. Suitable for molds with temperatures above 250°, these nozzles provide powerful lubrication with coarse droplets, ideal for complex geometric figures with high cooling requirements.

Thus, the main advantages of RNI internal mixing nozzles are:

– Adaptable to any mold

– Homogeneous, powerful and well atomized spraying

– Aid to the mold cooling system


Newly shaped nozzles designed to simplify assembly and disassembly during overhaul or cleaning of internal ducts.

Usage characteristics

Min Air Pressure4 bar
Max Air Pressure6 bar
Min Liquid pressure8 bar
Max Liquid Pressure12 bar

Characteristics of the fluid

Minimum Consumption2,95 ml/sec
Maximum Consumption28,5 ml/sec


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